Why I decided to become an engineer for almost one decade after completing my Engineering degree.

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When you are in your early 20's your dreams are crazy and unrealistic. You want everything very fast even faster than the speed of light. My dreams were not so crazy. My dreams were middle class. All I wanted was to move to the US for higher education, why because everyone was going there for higher studies. After a master's degree, they were earning more than a hundred thousand US dollars. Their FB posts were amazing and beautiful. It looked like they living in a different universe. Everything was wide open and beautiful there.

So I appeared for the GRE test. Got a respectable score and even got an admit card from one of the top 30 universities in the Electrical engineering program. But education is expensive there. And to pay for that I applied for an education load. I am from a village and banks don't consider rural land and property as collateral for education loans. So my dreams were shattered by PSU bank.

Now, what to do. How to make a lot of money? How to show my US friends that I no longer behind them. So I took a different route. I choose the stock market. Everyone knows Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger earned their wealth from the stock market. I started working for a stock broking company. Things were quite similar to the movie The Wolf of the Wall street.

Only after working there, I find myself. I come to know who I am and what I wanted. One thing was sure that I don't want to live a life as a financial expert. I come to know that everyone in this industry earns money just speaking complex jargon that laymen have no idea. In this industry, people invent complex financial products to collapse the economy of the whole world. The financial crisis of 2008 was the result of that. They called them securitization, CDO, and MBS, and what not? Nobody knows what the market will do next year. Which stock will skyrocket this year? When Tesla stock will start a downtrend and short-seller will earn money? Nobody knows. But nobody will tell you about this. All the big companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley just make business by preparing some complex financial model on a spreadsheet. Change one variable in that spreadsheet there will be the result which you will be pleased to see. They publish thousands of research reports every year and more than 80% are either overestimate or underestimate but not accurate. And people are crazy to believe them.

But why I left that industry? Because you can earn money by doing something meaningful. And still, you can earn the same interest or even more interest without consulting any financial advisor. You don't need to sell your soul to the devil to earn a lot of money. Just join another industry where you enjoy working you will do fine in long run.

Almost everybody knows who is Warren Buffet but very few know about Jack Bogal. And how he single-handedly changed so many investors' life. This legend needs a separate blog post.

So final question why computer programming? Simple, all you need is an internet connection a laptop, and curiosity. Everything is cheaply available on the web. And this is the only profession where people share their knowledge and help others solve their problems selflessly. So many tools and technologies are free for a developer. VS code IntelliJ, Java, NPM, Node, and much more. All you need is just curiosity and passion. And I am enjoying being here. I don't know when I will get a job as a developer but I am enjoying the journey.

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